About Us

Our Story

From a home office to a growing office, we have built on the foundation that growing our customers’ businesses brings.

We are a modern, proactive Chartered Certified practice located at Preston, in the heart of Lancashire. Utilising the cloud and other technologies we provide accounting, tax and business advisory services to individuals and businesses across Lancashire, nationwide and internationally. We also customise solutions to fit your needs and to ensure that efficiencies are gained through the use of streamlined processes and the latest technologies – which add up to a better service with more time to talk about adding value, rather than just the nuts and bolts.

We’re here to get to know you and your business just as much as saving you tax and maximising your profit. We see ourselves as much more than just accountants.

Our Core Values

We have set ourselves Core Values that provide the foundation and guidance for the way we interact with our clients and each other. These Core Values are essentially the DNA of how we operate with you, for you and within ourselves.


  • Straight up – Clarity, honesty and respect
  • Passionate – Loving what we do
  • Forward thinking – Embracing change and innovation
  • Empowering – Mutually committed to developing potential
  • Family focused – Balancing the needs of personal and professional life

We stand by:

Complete Legality

While some people speculate that taxes optimization is the same as the tax evasion, we cannot disagree more strongly! All of the accounting and taxation optimization services that we offer are law-proof, absolutely legal and are practiced every day by thousands of UK businesses and wealthy individuals! We guarantee you that you will never ever have a problem after using our services!

Level Field

In our understanding, a level field means that if some big transnational corporations or government agencies know about certain taxation workarounds (which are legally sound) and pay a fairer share of their taxes, why can’t anyone else too? We’re leveling the field for everyone by letting you or your company to pay a tax rate that is efficient and fair both for you and your business!

Reasonable Fees

While we save thousands of pounds yearly for individuals and businesses, we never charge people more than it is fair to do. Our pricing policy is simple and reasonable – with specific fees for particular services we provide and working hours spent on analyzing each particular client’s financial situation! Worry no more because at Bhutta & Gill, we offer top-notch tax preparation services. The best feature about our tax support is its clarity!

Our Brand Promise

We will be:

  • Trustworthy
  • A pleasure to do business with
  • Responsive to your needs
  • Helping you solve your business problems

Our Core Purpose

  • Adding value to your business because your success is our motivation.

We accept your mail requests on a 24/7 basis